(Versión original de Alex McDade del batallón Británico)






There’s a valley in Spain called Jarama,

That's a place that we all know so well,

for 'tis there that we wasted our manhood,

And most of our old age as well.


From this valley they tell us we're leaving

But don't hasten to bid us adieu

For e'en though we make our departure

We'll be back in an hour or two


Oh, we're proud of our British Battalion,

And the marathon record it's made,

Please do us this one little favour

And take this last word to Brigade:


"You will never be happy with strangers,

They would not understand you as we,

So remember the Jarama Valley

And the old men who wait patiently".


Del 6 al 27 de febrero de 1937 La Batalla del Jarama por El Tridente

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